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How to Get Clear Skin: 13 Expert Tips for a Healthy Balanced Skin

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Our 13 expert clear skin tips

It’s one of the most frequently asked beauty questions and one that can’t be addressed by advocating the use of products alone. When asking questions such as how to have clear skin and how to get clear skin it’s important to understand how the skin, the body's largest organ, works in conjunction with all other body systems. Each of the body's systems relies on the others to work efficiently. They are all connected and all contribute to overall health and wellness. 


Our top 13 clear skin tips

Because our skin only works in combination with our body, the best way to get clear skin is to take a holistic approach to our skin care needs. Holistic really just means treating the whole self and not just one part of us. In turn our skin will benefit. Now that we appreciate that in order to get clear skin we are dealing with the whole self it's time for some self care. We need a realistic routine. One that gives us the best chance of sticking to it and achieving our goals. Let's go step by step.

1. Know your skin type

    Knowing what skin type you are and maintaining a good skincare routine are key to a healthy glowing skin. Avoid complicated regimes so you can stick to it easily.

    2. Exfoliate weekly

    Use a gentle enzyme or acid exfoliator weekly. Exfoliation speeds up your skin’s renewal process by removing dead cells from your skin. That way, new skin cells are uncovered allowing a deeper penetration of your skincare products and making your skin look fresh.

    3. Don’t use harsh products

    When exfoliating, don’t over-strip your skin with harsh products. This can damage the barrier function of the skin and its pH. Opt for enzyme or acid based exfoliators which may sound harsh but are actually much more gentle on the skin than grainy exfoliants.

    4. Check the ingredients list

    Choose products carefully. Just because it might say ‘clear skin remedies’ or ‘clear skin cream’ on the packaging doesn't mean it's right for you. It may well be too harsh and create another problem with sensitivity. The best products for clear skin are non comedogenic with soothing, anti-inflammatory and protective ingredients.

    5. Don’t use hot water

    Water that is too hot can dry skin out and irritate it. Wash your face with lukewarm water to avoid any irritation and dryness.

    6. Always use moisturiser

    And by always, we mean morning and night. Even on oily skin. All skin types need moisturiser.

    7. Use SPF every day

    This one is easily overlooked even by people with extensive skincare routines. You really should apply SPF every day, even in winter, to protect your skin from damage and premature aging. Don’t forget about your neck area.

    8. Stay hydrated

    Drinking plenty of water is important for clear skin. Green tea and herbal infusions are a great way to pump up your daily water intake with some more flavour. 

    9. Make good lifestyle choices

    Good sleep and exercise are crucial in keeping your skin clear. Make sure to factor some exercise into your day. A brisk walk can be enough but find the activities you enjoy so you can schedule them in and can stick to them. The physical activity will also help you with better sleep. And if that’s not enough, have a look at our guide on how to use CBD oil for better sleep.

    10. Have a balanced diet

    Avoid processed foods and too much sugar. Both are not just bad for your body, but also affect the way your skin looks. Make sure to eat enough fibre and vitamins, especially vitamins A, C, D and E. For more nutritional tips, check out our clear skin diet.

    11. Address stress

    Stress can trigger inflammatory conditions in the skin or make existing skin conditions worse. Take time for YOU. Some down time doing nothing, a nap, deep breathing exercises or some home spa treats for yourself can work wonders for decompressing after a busy day.

    12. Keep it clean

    Don't pick at your skin. Keep your hands clean, or better - away from your face altogether. Also make sure to keep other objects that come into contact with your face, such as makeup brushes or your cell phone clean. On that note, you should also change your pillowcase often (about once per week).

    13. Remember it’s all about balance

    It’s simply not enough to just apply expensive products to achieve clear skin. That merely treats the outermost layer of the skin and then only temporarily, because we will not have  dealt with the root cause. While a good skincare regime and the correct products for your skin type surely play a key part, any products promising you to get clear skin fast are not conveying the full picture. Factors such as lifestyle choices, diet, nutrition, exercise, environmental stressors, and emotional and mental wellbeing will always have a huge part in your skin health. 


    How to maintain clear skin

    The only way to maintain clear skin and to get clear skin naturally is to treat it from the inside as well as the outside. Unfortunately, you can’t get clear skin overnight. And while you might be able to treat and improve breakouts overnight, keeping skin clear requires consistent effort and a look at the holistic picture. Once you have recognised the underlying imbalances you can start to bring the skin back to balance.


    About the author:

    Frances Prescott

    Frances Prescott is our J’TANICALS Beauty Expert. She is a leading makeup artist and facialist with over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry. She has worked on the faces of celebrities, models, sporting superstars and actors. She understands that a healthy skin is the best foundation for makeup. Having had a background as a nurse early in her career she has an awareness of health, wellness and lifestyle needing to be in balance before we even think of our skincare regime.

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