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The Effects of CBD on Skin: A Natural Hero for Acne Prone, Mature and Sensitive Skin

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The Effects of CBD on Skin: A Natural Hero for Acne Prone, Mature and Sensitive Skin

Premature ageing, oily skin, acne prone skin, dry patches, sensitive skin – these are all skin conditions and concerns that millions of us are dealing with everyday. Acne skin is often sensitised and over 40% of adults over the age of 25 suffer from acne-prone skin. Premature ageing and cellular damage are also major concerns. Often all of these skin issues present at the same time due to one concern often triggering or exacerbating the other. There is a minefield of products out there from  anti aging skin care, moisturizer for sensitive skinmoisturizer for acne prone skin, and anti inflammatory cream. This can make it difficult to know what skin concern to address  and whether you need to layer several products to target the several issues. It is rare to find a product that has the capacity to treat multi skin concerns efficiently. CBD health benefits for skin are now becoming widely recognised due to its multifunctional benefits. CBD with it’s potent anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, skin barrier strengthening, soothing, and balancing properties is becoming THE go to ingredient when dealing with premature ageing, acne-prone, and sensitive skin.

CBD effects on skin

The cannabinoid naturally occurs in hemp plants and is most commonly recognised and used in nutritional supplements to take orally  such as CBD oil. Yet, CBD used topically also has many benefits for the skin. Combined with other botanical skincare ingredients, CBD was shown to reduce skin damages caused by environmental stressors, lifestyle choices, and premature aging.

1. CBD is a natural antioxidant

As lovely as the sun feels on our faces, exposure from direct sunlight and it’s harmful UV rays will damage skin and can lead to premature ageing amongst other potential skin conditions. The sun isn’t the only harmful element. Environmental toxins, stressors and pollutants also have negative effects on the skin’s health. They can accelerate cellular damage and cause skin conditions, such as blemishes or acne to worsen. 

This is why many anti-ageing and anti-blemish skin care products contain ingredients that protect the skin from these harmful free radicals. Antioxidants benefits address and neutralise these free radicals promoting cell renewal and preventing cell damage – the perfect premature ageing and anti-blemish strategy. The most commonly known antioxidants for skin are most likely Vitamin E and C. In recent months, a new antioxidant-star has entered the skincare ingredient horizon, namely CBD (Cannabidiol). 

Loss of collagen, sensitive skin, and changes to the skin's texture are normal parts of the ageing process. But we want to maintain a healthy balanced skin to avoid premature or acceleration of these processes. Thankfully there are preventative and protective measures we can benefit from alongside some exciting and potent  new skincare ingredients, CBD is one of those ingredients to help achieve a healthy, balanced skin and to slow down this natural process.

2. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties

People with sensitive skin are aware of how cautious they need to be even when using the simplest skincare routines. The smallest changes in everyday routines, even with the shampoo or shower gel you're using may well make the condition worse. Skin regeneration then becomes a priority. It is important to find a suitable skin care routine for sensitive skin to avoid irritations and exacerbating the sensitivity.
Sensitive skin is a skin type, not a condition. Sensitive skin being your skin type is of course what you are born with, it's in your DNA and you can't change it. You can only maintain and care for it. The correct skin care routine and life choices will help you keep your sensitive skin healthy and clear. A sensitized skin is a condition caused by yourself and lifestyle choices (processed food, smoking, alcohol), environmental stressors and a wrong skincare routine. Even though 60% - 70% of all women claim to have sensitive skin (in some countries even 90%), rather innovative and natural skincare for sensitive skin is still hard to come by. 

CBD is a potent  skincare ingredient to treat sensitive skin concerns. Some of the key CBD skin care benefits are it’s soothing and balancing effects. A CBD face mask, a soothing CBD balm for the face, or even a whole CBD skin care line might become the go to products for you. Do always check the label to confirm the products were dermatologically tested on sensitive skin. The testing process for sensitive skin is more complex than for some other skin types and most products aren’t developed with sensitive skin in mind. So, when you look for a CBD face cream in UK or Germany, be certain to see the accreditation of the dermatological testing on the packaging. 

When you are in doubt, there are many CBD face cream reviews online that will help you to find the right product for you.

3. CBD is sebum regulating

Because of it’s potent sebum regulating and anti-inflammatory effects, CBD is also found in skincare for acne prone skin or blemished skin. Sebum production is an important and normal function of the skin. Sebum is produced by the sebaceous glands and is there to moisturise and protect the skin. Excessive sebum production can be a natural predisposition but can also be a result of an overuse of exfoliants, harsh products and peelings (due to damaging in the skin barrier). By damaging and stripping the skin barrier, the body is fooled into thinking it needs to produce even more oil to counterbalance the dry patches. The vicious circle is triggered and acne prone skin starts to excessively produce sebum, leading to clogged pores in turn risking infections and inflammation.

That is why the benefits of CBD are key to regulate sebum for acne prone skin.
If you have a tendency to breakouts and blemishes, it's advisable to always check labels for a non comedogenic moisturizer so as not clog the pores further. A  general moisturizer for acne can sometimes be ineffective if the moisturiser also contains harsh chemicals that can irritate and sensitise damaging the skin barrier.  Again, check the label. Good advice when looking for a moisturizer for oily skin is to look for a natural moisturizer with natural antioxidants. A CBD face cream is also helpful with its anti sebum effect. 

CBD skin oil or CBD face oil are also beneficial to use on oily skin. That is why you will increasingly see a face oil for acne, or face oil for oily, acne prone skin. When the skin recognises it’s getting enough oil from external sources, it slows down its own oil production. So understandable as it is to be a little apprehensive of using an oil product on oily skin, the anti-inflammatory, sebum regulating and conditioning properties of oil with the right active ingredients highlight the value of these oils.

Do check the manufacturers are transparent about the exact percentages of CBD contained. Often labels on products either only tell you the milligram amount (which is misleading because then these are often tiny CBD concentrations) or don’t tell you at all how much CBD is contained.

4. CBD has a soothing and balancing effect on skin

In it’s balancing and regulating role, it can help with a wide range of skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, pruritus, psoriasis, rosacea, and particularly dry, inflamed, and sensitive skin. An integral part of healthy skin is the skin barrier. It is basically a protective shield that keeps moisture within the skin, and bacteria and harmful microorganisms out of it. The skin barrier can be damaged by environmental stressors, pollution, UV rays and the wearing of face masks in our ‘new’ world to protect against COVID-19 (Maskne), the overuse of exfoliants, harsh products, harsh peels and more.

A damaged skin barrier reveals itself in several ways: dry patches, oily skin, loss of elasticity, pale skin tone, redness, irritated skin, breakouts, and increased acne. All of this is what we often sum up as “sensitive skin”.
If you have sensitive skin, it is important to strengthen the skin barrier. Natural clean skincare is often the number 1 choice of many consumers. Sensitive skin often shows itself with itching and redness, so skincare for redness using sensitive skin products is ideal. 

When looking for skincare for sensitive skin, we usually look for products with natural ingredients such as almond and chamomile that help with skin barrier repair. Innovative CBD skin care products for sensitive skin with their regulating, soothing and skin barrier strengthening effects are perfectly suited to skincare for sensitive skin, such as in skin barrier creams. It’s also useful to remember that the  best skincare for sensitive skin includes avoiding any further irritation from products containing perfumes and essential oils.

How can CBD be absorbed through skin?

Every human being has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is part of the central nervous system. It regulates and balances many important processes, such as appetite, sleep, emotions, pain processing, cognition, and stress. The ECS has two relevant receptors, CB1 and CB2, which endocannabinoids (cannabinoids naturally produced by the body) and external cannabinoids (such as CBD) interact with. It is believed that CBD supports the normal functioning of the ECS.



The skin also has an ECS that helps to regulate important processes such as hair growth, keeping the skin barrier intact, immune responses, and processing of sensory input such as pain and itching. The ECS receptors on the skin are primarily found in hair follicles, keratinocytes, sebaceous glands, nerve fibers, melanocytes, fibroblasts, and adipocytes. CBD only has a low affinity to bind to the CB receptors. It rather targets the so-called TRP (transient receptor potential) channels. 
So, if you have premature ageing, acne-prone, and at the same time a sensitive skin, CBD might just be your skin's new love.

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