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The J'TANICALS end of year review 2021 - How we built our company from our home office

Posted by Julia Wilde on
The J'TANICALS end of year review 2021 - How we built our company from our home office

2021 was kind of an odd year – for all of us. The global pandemic has been a constant reminder to not take ANYTHING for granted. Every time we thought things would get back to normal, a new unforeseeable development pushed us back right to where we left off.

Many people argue that there couldn’t be a worse time to launch a new business. Yes, launching a new business while being locked in at home for the first half of 2021, is everything but easy. But trust me, the pandemic wasn’t the only challenge we had to deal with.

Even though we are selling 100% legal CBD skincare products, major advertising companies (Google, Amazon, Facebook, TikTok) and payment providers (e.g. PayPal) still prohibit advertising or processing payments through their platforms. That obviously makes customer acquisition difficult and expensive. 

Despite all of those major challenges, my team and I achieved SO MUCH! Below, I have summarized some of the major things that happened at J’TANICALS in each quarter of the year. Writing this down made me even more proud of our accomplishments.

Foremost, I am so grateful for every customer that bought our products. Our high repurchase rates, amazing product reviews and winning several beauty awards showed us that we created truly great products. Thank you all for trusting and supporting our company ❤️ This shows us that we've created products that truly make a difference for you. 

All of that wouldn’t have been possible without my team. Thank you, Doro, Dilara, Frances, Nathalia and Simona for all of your hard work! 

January – March:

  • I finished product development and branding
  • During one of the worst snowstorms we had in years, I drove to our production facility to oversee production
  • I opened a permanent establishment in the UK
  • I shipped our products to the UK, which – trust me – wasn’t easy post Brexit and during the pandemic
  • I hired my first employees and onboarded them fully remote
  • I signed the first investment into our company
  • Together, we put the final touches on the brand, website and social media profiles and started our sales activities
  • We had our first professional photoshoot in the UK, which again, we had to oversee fully remote, while being dialed in a video call

April – June:

  • We launched J’TANICALS on April 1st in the UK and Germany
  • Since we were still in lockdown, even our launch was conducted fully remote, and our internal launch party was a Google meet event
  • Straight away, we were able to launch our products online with Douglas, AboutYou and Galeria
  • We were able to get some first press coverage about J’TANICALS from major publications such as YOU MagazineDaily Mail and more
  • We signed another six-figure investment into the company – even this process was conducted remote
  • Our team set-up changed a little bit with new colleagues coming onboard (until today we are very proud to be a fully female company)
  • Germany finally came out of lockdown so that we were able to finally meet in person
  • After having both of our Instagram accounts were deleted without explanation, we spent a lot of time and energy on creating engaging content and grow our followers which is extremely difficult if you cannot advertise on Instagram 

July – September

  • With Dilara, another team member came onboard to support our social media activities
  • We won several major beauty awards, such as Woman&Home, Marie Claire and Top Santé skincare awards
  • We were able to get several more retail listings, such as in specialized CBD stores and prestige concept stores
  • J’TANICALS became friends with other amazing CBD companies, such as evercann, Cantura and Hemp Marie
  • Some incredible photo shootings were conducted, e.g. in a hemp field
  • Product development for some very special new products began

October – December  

  • The J’TANICALS products were launched with further retailers, such as _blaenk
  • We developed our first social media branding campaign to set more realistic standards in the beauty industry
    • Through the campaign, we were able to reach several hundred thousand people to bring our message of “The Beauty of Balance” across
    • We found incredible personalities who supported us brining our message across
  • I attended the awards ceremony of the Pure Beauty Awards in London – my very first of the kind – which was an amazing experience
  • Together with wonderful Frances Prescott, conducted a three-day long J’TANICALS press event in London, where I met journalists from magazines such as Beauty Bible, YOU Magazine, Vogue, Glamour, Woman&Home and more
  • I was also finally able to meet up with one of our brand ambassadors, Lucy Alexander
  • We organized our first CBD and Yoga Event with Yoga expert Sarah Khalifa
  • We prepared a very special Christmas offer and surprised each one of our customers with a J’TANICALS holiday card
    • Our VIP customers even received a hand-written post card and hand-made J’TANICALS head band

We are already super excited for everything that will come our way in 2022. 

For now, I wish you all relaxing holidays. Stay safe and healthy. 

All the best,
Julia ❤️

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