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What is CBD isolate? And how does it get into our products?

Posted by Julia Wilde on
What is CBD isolate? And how does it get into our products?

In recent years, CBD has gained a lot of popularity in consumer products, such as nutritional supplements and recently also in skincare products. At the same time, questions about the properties of this ingredient and how exactly it is extracted from the hemp plant come up. Let us clear them up for you!

We at J’TANICALS derive our CBD from highest quality hemp plants that are cultivated in the Swiss alps.

For a plant to be classified as "hemp" (as opposed to ‘Cannabis’), it needs to naturally contain less than 0.2% THC, the psychoactive substance of the hemp plant. We use the highest quality CBD isolate for our products, which is made from organic biomass only. It is made in compliance with the requirements outlined in the European Regulation EC 1223/2009 on cosmetics products and is made under the Good Manufacturing Practice.

What is CBD isolate?

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD (Cannabidiol). Our isolate has a purity of >99,5%, meaning it does not contain any other cannabinoids, especially not THC. As per the European cosmetics regulation, CBD isolate is currently the only legally allowed form in which CBD can be used in cosmetics. Why is that? Because hemp plants naturally contain low amounts of THC and without a careful isolation process, it can not be guaranteed that the end product will be free of THC. THC is not legal to use in cosmetics, as it falls under the UN Single Convention. Unlike in Europe, there is no real regulation of which form of CBD to use in the US. Full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD extracts are not legally allowed to be used in skincare in Europe.

What is CBD isolate?

From plant to product: how is our CBD isolate extracted?

  1. Planting and harvesting the hemp plant:

    Before planting the plant, the ground must be prepared and tested for herbicides. The hemp plant can be planted very close to each other. This allows using less land and still having a productive crop. The CBD used on our premium skincare products is extracted from hemp plants grown in the beautiful scenery of the Swiss Alps. They grow organically, which means that they grow in harmony with nature, without using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or other such products that upset the balance of the ecosystem. Here you can find more information about the testing in the absence of heavy metals and pesticides of every one of our batches. After harvesting, the plants are placed in a well-ventilated place for curing or air drying. The curing process takes 3-4 weeks. After drying, the flowers are being prepared for the extraction process.

  2. Extracting the CBD:

    In the extraction process, the CBD is removed from the plant matter (hemp plant) to convert it into a form that can be used for ingestion or topical application. There are different extraction methods, such as ethanol extraction or oil extraction. At J’TANICALS, we use the CO2 extraction method. It is the most efficient, gentle and environmentally friendly method there is. With this method we ensure the purity of the raw material, without compromising ingredient quality or safety. 
    This is how it works:

  • CO2 in its gaseous form runs through a chamber in which it is subject to high pressure and very low temperatures (-50°C)

  • During the process the gas turns into fluid

  • It then runs through a chamber with the hemp plant material and dissolves the plant’s membrane, capturing high concentrations of the active ingredients.

  • The temperature then increases and pressure is lowered so that the carbon dioxide turns gaseous again and is separated from the extract

  • What is left is highly concentrated CBD.

J'TANICALS production

Creation of our CBD premium skincare products 

Once our CBD is in its purest form and extracted from the plant, our manufacturing partner then combines it with other incredible botanicals such as Bakuchiol, Liquourice root, Aloe Vera, Broccoli, Citrus, Sea Electrolytes, Probiotics, Lupine and Squalane from Olive Oil to create our three highly innovative and effective skincare products: Floral Collagen Magic, Probiotic Safeguard, and the Deep Sea Rebalancer. All selected ingredients of the J'TANICALS skincare series have their own very special effect on the skin. But due to its unique benefits for the skin, CBD is our superstar in all products. Learn more about how CBD works on your skin.

The entire process of producing high-quality CBD skincare products requires several steps, but having a direct and clear supply chain helps to produce a premium end product. Brands that are transparent about their production methods and always test their products by third parties, as we do, are usually the brands that provide the best products on the market. The CBD industry has a long history, but in the past few years, technological advancements have made way for better-end products, especially in the skincare industry. Better production methods and continuous innovation in the extraction forms mean that CBD skincare products can enter the hands of more and more consumers and bring the power of this super botanical to many people’s lives.

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