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Our founder

Julia was diagnosed with adult acne in her late twenties. “When my acne first broke out, I thought I’d go to see a dermatologist once, get a good lotion and everything will be back to normal within a few weeks – just like the skincare industry had advertised.” Yet, this didn’t happen. It was only then that she started to really educate herself about the complexities of the skin. She realised that many factors impact the health of our skin. Long-term stress, unhealthy lifestyles, and incorrect skincare routines can affect all skin types, not only that of acne sufferers. “My acne broke out in the aftermath of a very stressful time in my life. It was then that I realised that I need to take better care of myself: Focus on my mental health, exercise regularly, focus on intuitive eating, and practice self-care.” 

At first just for fun, Julia started to experiment with new self-care and skincare routines. When her sensitive skin didn’t respond well to aggressive acids and antibiotics, she started to make her own skincare products at home, leveraging the powers of many botanicals, foremost CBD. “I had worked in the CBD nutritional industry before and already had some basic knowledge about the promising effects of CBD on the skin. Just by experimenting with adding CBD oil into my regular skincare products, I realised that my skin was calming down. I started to research which other innovative, natural botanicals could be paired with CBD and a few weeks later, J’TANICALS was born.” 

Months were spent on developing the natural, innovative skincare formulations from scratch: “I didn’t stop amending the formulations until every product was just as I’d imagined it to be.” 

Along the way, Julia met some amazing women with whom she is now building J’TANICALS. Our team is based in the UK, the Netherlands, and Germany and comes from a multitude of professional backgrounds. The entire team has deep respect for nature and values the Beauty of Balance. 

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