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Holistic well-being considers the entire Brain-Body-Skin axis.

The brain

You are probably aware of the damage and impact chronic stress has on your physical and mental health. But did you know that your skin is affected as well? Chronic stress can trigger or exacerbate skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, or pruritus. It can also accelerate skin ageing. Such skin conditions in turn can have negative effects on the psychological well-being by lowering self-esteem or even leading to social anxiety. 

Focusing on finding mental balance, finding the courage to say “no” once in a while. Doing what makes you genuinely happy will enrich your life entirely. As a beautiful side effect, your skin will calm as well. 

The body

Diet and nutrition play a profound role in nourishing your body, mind and skin. A diet high in processed foods and sugar can not only impact your general health, increasing risks of disease including Type 2 diabetes and cognitive decline, but also your skin. Skin is also impacted by high sugar intake as well, increasing the risk of inflammation that can break down collagen and elastin. 

Regular, gentle, physical exercise, whilst benefiting body and brain will improve circulation to keep skin cells healthy and toxin free to encourage a truly glowing skin. A balanced, healthy diet full of vegetables, fruits, probiotics, fibre – and of course the occasional treats – will support your inner and outer health. 

The skin

Your skin is an important and complex organ. It protects you from environmental, thermal and mechanical stressors. It fends of germs, is an important sensory organ and protects your body from dehydration. Yet, we can easily forget our skin’s superpowers and sometimes don’t treat it with the care it deserves.

While some skin conditions are results of complex processes of our hormones, mental health, lifestyle choices, and getting older, we often only focus on what products and ingredients to use for treating these symptoms and not the underlying reasons . Oftentimes, we end up treating blemishes and breakouts with harsh chemicals and excessive exfoliation. More often than not these harsh treatment can make skin conditions worse by sensitising the skin. A sensitised skin has a compromised barrier function. This imbalance prevents the skin doing one of its major functions: keeping moisture in and bacteria out of the skin.

These are all reasons to look at you skin holistically and to take care of yourself and your skin. Having a good skincare regime using high quality ingredients and products will help your skin to calm.

Bye, bye "Instagram face", hello true beauty.

How CBD works on your skin

CBD (Cannabidiol) not only has profound effects on general wellbeing, but is also a multitasking skincare ingredient. That is why our innovative skin care line is based around this super botanical. Find out what effects CBD has on the skin.

J’TANICALS helps you to keep your Brain-Body-Skin axis in balance. We have  developed thoughtful self-care routines that you can easily integrate into your daily life. Our experts give you tips on how to reduce stress (e.g. with Yoga, meditation, and physical exercise), give you nutritional tips, and show you an easy and effective skincare routine. 

J’TANICALS’ luxurious, vegan, and dermatologically tested skincare products strengthen the skin barrier, gently calm irritations and inflammation, while at the same time smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. In all of this, CBD derived from hemp, holds a special place. 

This is what we call “The Beauty of Balance”.