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Probiotics – Alpha-glucan oligosaccharide


General information / Trivia:

  • Probiotics are live bacteria that have many positive health effects. Probiotics have positive effects on the intestinal flora, but also on the skin. 
  • The most famous food for high probiotic concentrations is yoghurt.
  1. o By eating yoghurt, you consume bacteria (lactobacilli) that are beneficial to your intestinal health, as with the presence of these bacteria, bad bacteria die off.
  2. o A healthy intestinal flora is important for healthy skin as well.
  • Studies show that the topical application of probiotics has beneficial effects on the skin’s health as well.


    Effects on Skin:

    • Protects and strengthens the skin barrier
    • Prevents the colonization of unwanted bacteria on the skin
    • Preserves the skin’s ecosystem that is exposed to daily stressors 
    • Limits the irritant bacteria P. acnes (which is involved in the development of acne) 


    Scientific facts:

    The skin has a distinct ecosystem, made up of the stratum corneum (upper most layer of the skin made up of dead skin cells) and a flora, which is comprised of a beneficial bacterial and mycelial (fungus-like) population. This flora (aka microflora) is important in order to keep the skin healthy, as it helps to oppose undesirable microorganisms. It plays a major role in the immune protection of the skin.

    When the skin is exposed to aggression, parts of the skins’ microflora can become deprived. In that way, the skin’s defense barrier gets weakened. Tiny frictions occur in the skin, which enable pathogenic bacteria or irritating substances to get into the skin. A weakened skin barrier leads to loss of moisture, irritation and inflammation. There are many aggressions that the skin is exposed to every day: air pollution, temperature, harsh skincare products (e.g. mechanical peelings, harsh surfactants, overuse of BHAs, AHAs or retinol), detergents, stress, poor diet, cigarette smoke, and alike. Hormonal changes can also alter the skin’s ecosystem. All of this can disrupt the beneficial flora. 

    The active ingredient Alpha-glucan oligosaccharide used in J’TANICALS Probiotic Safeguard is based on a probiotic technology. 


    Links to studies:,-AddThis%20Sharing%20Buttons&text=An%20experimental%20treatment%20for%20eczema,of%20Health%20study%20has%20found.