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Sea Electrolytes – Maris Aqua


General information / Trivia:

  • The Sea Electrolytes stems for France waters. 
  • The water springs up in the French sea. It there penetrates an island crust first and thereby absorbs many precious minerals. It contains high amounts of Iron, Manganesium, Zinc, Lithium and more.


    Effects on Skin:

    • Reminerlizes the skin
    • Reducing production of free radicals
    • Protection against toxic gas
    • Protection against inflammation


    Scientific facts:

    The J’TANICALS’ Deep-Sea Rebalancer contains precious Sea Electrolytes. The water springs up on the Noirmoutier island in France 

    Electrolytes help the skin to remineralize by bringing Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium and Chlorine to the skin. Minerals are important building blocks of the skin and make up 5% of human skin. They are vital for many physical processes.  

    The electrolytes also protect skin cells by significantly reducing the production of free radicals. Additionally, Earth Marina Water protects the skin cells against the toxicity of exhaust gas and cigarette smoke. 

    Additionally, studies have shown that it protects the skin from inflammation.


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