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We care about our planet

Balance is at the core of our values. While we understand that every product we make has an impact, we do our best to ensure a healthy balance with the environment surrounding us. This is why we take our responsibility to minimize our impact and protect the environment seriously.

Glass or metal instead of plastic 

Wherever we can, we refrain from using plastic. Our bottles are made of glass and even our beautiful cosmetics spoon is made of fine metals (TÜV® approved for the use in skincare products) instead of plastics. 

Recycled material 

We are proud that our gorgeous packaging is made from approximately 90% recycled material. And trust us: You won’t see the difference to non-recycled material on a first glance. 

New label technology for clean recycling

Most product labels limit the recyclability of product bottles. Adhesives, remaining label parts and ink can contaminate the recycling process. That oftentimes leads to no recycling at all or downcycling. We use product labels that look like any other label, but allow for a clean and proper recycling process. In the washing process, the label’s adhesive is deactivated, the label floats to the top of the bath, but no ink or adhesives come off. 

No microplastics

Many exfoliants, face washes and body washes are still made with microplastics. These tiny particles are washed down the drain and end up in rivers, lakes, and oceans where animals might consume them involuntarily. Our products are completely free of microplastics. 

Climate neutral production 

J’TANICALS products are “Made in Germany”. Thanks to our climate neutral partner manufacturer, we are able to produce our products climate neutral. 

Sustainable farming practices

Hemp is known for being an eco-friendly crop. Hemp plants consume about 50% less water than cotton. Additionally, no pesticides are used in growing our premium hemp. 

Natural formulas

Our products do not contain any ingredients that can harm the environment when flushed down the drain. Every ingredient came from nature and can be given back to nature without causing damage to the environment.