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Join us in the fight for #thebeautyofbalance

Our society’s perception of beauty is not in balance. Media and the beauty industry are reinforcing unattainable, damaging beauty standards by focusing on a narrow definition of beauty. Real people with real bodies and real skin are underrepresented.

See in the video below, what The Beauty of Balance means for us at J’TANICALS.

Together we fight for The Beauty of Balance

Lucy Alexander

English TV presenter and mother of two teenage kids Lucy Alexander feels the pressure that society puts on women to always look flawless. This can be a big burden, especially when going through menopause.

"I've got teenage kids, I've got a full-time job to think about as well and I just think we need to stop expecting perfection and instead be allowed to feel confident and beautiful just the way we are."

Jay Beech

You might know Jay from his viral job search video #hirejaybeech. As a neurodivergent adult with an extravagant sense of fashion he has not always fit in. By now, Jay has learned to accept and express himself and not care what other peopel say.

"The Beauty of Balance means to me, allowing myself to truly embrace who I am and openly sharing that with the world regardless of society's expectations"

Nicole Ocran

Nicole has not always felt good in her own skin and body and used to try and make herself as small as possible. Now she is a successful size 16 fashion blogger, who empowers women to dress in whatever makes them feel confident and beautiful.

"The Beauty of Balance to me means that I make the trends and I can wear the clothes that make me feel the most confident and beautiful every day."

Isabella Matthews

Isabella has had acne since she was 9 years old. It took her a lot of time to feel good in her own skin and body. Today Isabella inspires thousands of people with her raw content on social media and spreads self love and body acceptance.

"The Beauty of Balance means to me that I can exist and just be beautiful and feel beautiful in my own skin."

For every product sold during Giving Back Week, we will donate £5 to Mind

Mind is a mental health organization that provides advice and support to empower anyone experiencing mental health problems. We know from our own experience how strict societal beauty norms can affect our mental wellbeing. That is why we decided to turn this year's Black Friday into Giving Back Friday.

Giving Back Week starts on November 22

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