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J'TANICALS Digital Gift Card

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Treat your loved ones to maximum relaxation for the skin with the digital J'TANICALS gift card, which is available at £10, £25, £50 and £100. In that way, your favourite person can easily choose the CBD skincare producsts that are best for them.

The J'TANICALS gift card can be redeemed online at It can be used on the entire J'TANICALS range for one year. No service fees apply. You will have the option to forward or print your digital gift card email, which will be sent to you upon checkout. It can also be added to the Apple Wallet.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

"Calms my redness. Soothing."

Thank you! Very good quality, nice texture. Absorbs easily unlike some brands. Only need a small amount. I use in morning as a day cream. My skin felt calmer and less redness which was why I tried cbd cream. Spoon is nice touch. Will buy again. - Charley

"My favourite!"

I bought the entire set about a month ago, but the face oil is my absolute favourite! I had never used a face oil before, because of my oily skin. But this oil doesn't leave an oily film and sinks into the skin wonderfully. I also notice the fine lines around my eyes have become less visible. Truly a magical oil. - Clara

"So pleased with the results"

I wasn't sure whether CBD skin care would be the right thing for my sensitive, oily skin. But I'm so glad I chose to buy the full set. Have been using the three products for almost a month now, cleanser am and pm, moisturiser am and face oil pm. My skin feels so wonderful! Much less redness and oiliness and so supple.

1. Purify your skin with the Deep Sea Rebalancer

Our gentle face wash frees your skin from dirt, make up and environmental stress. The unique combination of CBD, precious sea electrolytes and extracts from broccoli, citrus and aloe vera purifies skin without drying it out.

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2. Protect your skin with the Probiotic Safeguard

Our vegan moisturiser safeguards your skin against environmental stress, combining the unique soothing benefits of CBD and liquorice root with the hydrating, skin strengthening properties of squalane and probiotic technology.

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3. Rejuvenate your skin with Floral Collagen Magic

Our natural anti aging face oil combines the unique botanical benefits of CBD, bakuchiol and lupine seed extract, with precious oils from jojoba, grape seed and safflower for a healthy, youthful glow.

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The power of CBD

CBD derived from hemp has unique benefits for the skin. Known for its soothing effects it calms skin irritations and redness. As a natural antioxidant, CBD protects the skin from premature ageing and it actively regulates the skin's sebum production for a healthy balance.